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The Corporate Investor Podcast

Jun 25, 2020

In today’s show we speak with Justin Corritore. Justin is based out of Erie, Pennsylvania and is a Project Manager for a global supply chain company. He tells us his story of how he took the first steps into buy and hold investing. Justin dives into his portfolio of SFHs and small multifamily apartments. He gives some great advice on how he found the time to make it happen while working full-time, being a husband and father, and operating his own property management company. He also touches on some creative financing strategies and what systems he put in place to make it all work!


Justin Corritore
Stonehouse Management Company
520 West 6th Street, Suite 23
Erie, Pennsylvania 16507
814.464.0550 Office
814.580.8752 Direct
* Proud member of the Apartment Association of NW PA